A Sustainable Future, Our Driving Force

Vision 2030

Essex Furukawa is motivated by and dedicated to our Vision of creating a sustainable future. Each decision, partnership, and investment we make as a company will be driven by this common goal. Essex Furukawa is committed to being a part of the solution in improving environmental issues facing the world.

Our Core Values of Disruptive Innovation, Green Production and Agile Digitization are the pillars through which we strive to achieve this Vision.

Our Corporate Culture is the foundation our Vision is built upon. We think differently and approach challenges with an industry leading mindset while each business strategy executed is growth-driven with our Core Values at mind. The key to these Core Values is collaboration. As a global, multinational company, we must respect one another and strive to learn in order to work together.

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Green Production

Our Vision 2030 mission for green production is to be the recognized leader in creating sustainable solutions within magnet wire manufacturing—globally, to meet the needs for now as well as for the future and support our customers in their ongoing sustainability efforts.

Disruptive Innovation

Essex Furukawa is committed to supporting a sustainable future for all through Disruptive Innovation. By collaborating with our customers to support the Energy, Commercial & Residential, Industrial, and Automotive markets in new technology we can support a lower carbon economy to reduce overall impact across these industries.

Essex Furukawa will measure itself against its ability to create disruptive innovation in material and production methods. That means, by 2030 we want:

In addition, we look at 2050 as an opportunity to be carbon neutral for all our new products and production methods in our Japanese R&D Innovation Center.

Agile Digitization

The digitization of buildings, communications, technologies—now and into the future—will enable the interconnectivity of all infrastructure to support a more sustainable world.


Essex Furukawa is supporting that through the following measures:

Full Integration

Enabling connected digital ecosystems, supporting data and supply chains that are securely connected to interoperable systems, aligned to global industry standards

Green Technology

Defining Green IT as well as Green OT and developing platforms and technologies that enable 100% e-waste recycling and power efficient operations

Sustainable Automation

Streamlining the process of data collection and generating sustainability-related metrics to enable harmonious human-to-machine interaction

Social Impact

Bringing social value to the communities we serve with commitments to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

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