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Electric aircrafts are quickly being developed with powering methods of batteries, power cells, and ultracapacitors which are reliant on copper windings.

Construction Equipment

One of the largest EVs in the world is a dump truck that is powered with a 700 kWh battery pack and a copper wire wound synchronous electric motor.


Electric Trucks, like traditional EVs, are powered with a traction motor that generates its power through wound magnet wire.


Using electricity to power electric motors and drive the wheels to provide locomotion allows for trains to be quite efficient whether it is by third-rail, overhead cables, or stored batteries.

Farming Equipment

From all-electric twin-disc fertilizers to farm tractors, electrification is helping farmers do more work, with smaller engines, and increase their sustainability.


The new generation of e-motorcycles replaces the gas fuel with either batteries or fuel cells that help drive a traction motor, not an internal combustion engine.


All electric vehicles replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor that is wound with copper wire. Instead of gas and exhaust emissions, the charged battery pack emits no greenhouse gas.


These products use a battery-powered motor to assist the rider. It is wound with copper wire but is not consistently propelling.

Prop Airplane

Due to the shorter distances traveled and lighter weights to support, the electric motor technology being updated in other, larger, aircrafts have had mainstream use in prop planes for nearly 30 years.


Using two-to-six lithium-ion batteries and a copper wound traction motor, long-haul trucking may be the next industry to revolutionize as distance and strength are increasing exponentially.


Ships of all sizes are shifting from diesel engines to battery-powered, including some of the more iconic brands, like Maid of the Mist.

Commercial Vehicle

Shipping of goods within a city sector has been made more eco-friendly as vans and trucks can not only use a traction motor for power but also regenerative breaking to re-charge while in use.


A bus is a marriage of the technology developed for commercial vehicles, tractor trailers, and trains. It can be powered internally or externally, haul passengers inside a set time and distance, and remain eco-friendly.

Few markets require technology that operates under more intensity than commercial transportation. Many applications are used in highly demanding environments and, often, safety of the occupant is a key component in design.


Technology has advanced the electrification of many products and Essex Furukawa magnet wire is leading the way in much of that evolution.

Need Something Custom? Great.

Why Choose Essex Furukawa

Vertical Integration: Essex Furukawa is a vertically integrated company which not only delivers greater control of our supply chain, but also allows for greater flexibility in innovation at every phase. A partnership with us affords our customers are better able to manage their product’s efficiency and performance throughout the entire production process with little risk of schedule setbacks.


Rich History in Magnet Wire: Since 1896, we have forged a path by meeting magnet wire and cable requirements for the automotive, industrial, commercial & residential, energy, and communications markets. Today we continue to expand our product portfolio globally, with new innovations and manufacturing throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.


Global Footprint: With manufacturing warehousing, and sales facilities located in eight countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Japan, we are the supplier best positioned to deliver punctual, seamless global delivery and service.


Collaboration Opportunity: Partnering with Essex Furukawa and our MagForceX® Innovation Centers brings access to one of the world’s leading technical manufacturing teams. From metal rod production all the way through shaping and enameling, Essex Furukawa engineers advise and collaborate with customers at every step to develop the custom magnet wire needed for the high quality machines of tomorrow.

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