High Voltage Winding Wire

Innovating The Future Of Electric Vehicles

Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Europe GmbH was established in 2017 as a joint venture between Essex Germany and Furukawa Electric, providing High Voltage Winding Wire (HVWW®) to the European market. The HVWW® product is designed for use in the automotive industry. Our technology benefits customers demanding lighter weights and thinner wires in electric motors.

HVWW® earned first place in the 2017 Magna Innovation Award as a joint entry with Solvay’s KetaSpire PEEK polymer. The new technology enables more durable, efficient and downsized large electric traction motors running at higher voltages and currents and speed the time-to-market of major advances in automotive engineering. 

It is unique in the European automotive market, paving the way for further electric vehicle innovation by meeting tight market tolerances with no room for imperfections.

HVWW® is coated with extruded engineering plastic for the improved performance of EV and other products, also allowing for high voltages of over 1000V and partial discharge free wire (PDIV).

Highly Flexible For Better Gap Coverage
Extruded Outer Layer Improves Heat Resistance

HVWW – High Voltage Winding Wire

High voltage creates high heat. In the electric vehicle industry, heat resistance, flexibility and repeated stress are ongoing obstacles to magnet wire performance. Our engineers accepted the challenge to perfect every design element for an exceptional product.


Highly Customizable:  Designed to meet specific customer requirements. Varieties of thickness in height and width allow for implementation within new and existing motor technology.
Flexibility: A highly flexible design improves the installation process. This also enables new design innovation otherwise not possible with more rigid materials.
Temperature: The extruded outer layer provides excellent heat resistance and reliability. The unique design can run at a constant temperature of 240°C without any reduced performance.
Increased Durability & Efficiency
Leading Technology Partnerships

Can HVWW® Help You?

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