HVWW® – High Voltage Winding Wire

Innovating The Future Of Electric Vehicles

Essex Furukawa offers a HVWW® product designed for use in the automotive industry. Our technology benefits customers demanding lighter weights to achieve smaller and more efficient traction motors.

High voltage creates high heat. In the electric vehicle industry, heat resistance, flexibility and repeated stress are ongoing obstacles to magnet wire performance. Our engineers accepted the challenge to perfect every design element for an exceptional product.

Specially formulated to provide outstanding resistance to Partial Discharge and Corona effect, HVWW® is suitable for a variety of key applications exhibiting high flexibility and property retention maintaining product performance even after the winding operation.

Reduced Carbon Impact

HVWW® is the best choice for customers in the automotive industry that are looking to reduce their carbon impact. Both the production process and material construction result in fewer carbon emissions when compared to traditional magnet wire.


Essex Furukawa is committed to lessening our own carbon footprint through a holistic sustainability initiative, Vision 2030: A Sustainable Future, Our Driving Force.

The Power of Two Pioneering Industry Leaders

Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire was established in 2017 as a joint venture between Essex in Germany and Furukawa Electric, providing HVWW® to the European market, for the automotive industry in Europe.

HVWW® earned first place in the 2017 Magna Innovation Award as a joint entry with Solvay’s KetaSpire PEEK polymer. The new technology enables more durable, efficient and downsized large electric traction motors running at higher voltages and currents and speed the time-to-market of major advances in automotive engineering.

Due to the success of this partnership, Essex Furukawa has now expanded to the global market.

Essex Furukawa is built upon the presence of Essex leadership in the European automotive market, global supply chain, and European sales force. The local manufacturing capability combined with Furukawa’s technical expertise of magnet wire and high voltage winding wire, including extruded winding wire.

HVWW® Outperforms Mono-Layer (PEEK)

HVWW® features a unique product construction of heat-resistant enameled copper wire over which an extruded resin layer is added, resulting in a magnet wire product that is highly customizable and unparalleled in performance.

HVWW® has excellent windability due to its highly flexible design, durable insulation, and excellent adhesion between the Copper, PAI, and PEEK layers which improves the installation process. It will be able to increase the Partial Discharge Inception Voltage to meet any requirement of motor driving voltage and environment condition due to increase the Coating Thickness.

For performance and reliability in electric vehicle applications, the choice is clear.


Reduced Risk

for insulation degradation

Increased Stability

in operating conditions

Proven Quality

with 10-years on-road testing

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