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Electric Motors

These motors operate due to the interaction of the magnetic field and the wound copper wires rotating, to create an electric current that power other devices.


Whether high bay, industrial low bay, traditional pendant, or metal halide the application of using copper wire to transmit power from source to fixture is common in most all plant settings.


In electric-arc welding with automation controls, an electrode wire is run through a flex hose and attached to the mechanism to control the movement of the arc.


As electricity passes through the magnet wire it creates a magnetic field. The coils in the generators are conductors and react to exposure with changing magnetic field to create a current in the wire.


Copper windings are commonly used in many motors, including those that drive industrial exhaust and/or cooling fans.


Copper wire is generally annealed and turns well, which lends itself to motor windings, like those that power a lathe.

Milling Machine

Machining copper alloys allow manufacturers to meet the specs for many 5-axis cnc applications, like a milling machine.


An increasing trend is powering forklifts with an electric motor instead of internal combustion and the magnet wire built into traction motors, mast lifts, and many other parts, plays a pivotal role.

Loading Dock

A motor inside the dock door apparatus is wound with copper wire and often controlled by a running timer to ensure efficient opening and closing.

Essex Furukawa has over 124 years of experience partnering with manufacturers and can help you overcome the obstacles in your field. In fact, we want to do just that. We offer an array of products that fit with both the simplest and most complex applications.


Industrial Electric Motors Currently Installed Worldwide


of Electricity Consumed in the U.S. is by Electric Motors


Electric Motors Currently in the U.S. Market Alone

Why Choose Essex Furukawa

Vertical Integration: Essex Furukawa is a vertically integrated company which not only delivers greater control of our supply chain, but also allows for greater flexibility in innovation at every phase. A partnership with us affords our customers are better able to manage their product’s efficiency and performance throughout the entire production process with little risk of schedule setbacks.


Rich History in Magnet Wire: Since 1896, we have forged a path by meeting magnet wire and cable requirements for the automotive, industrial, commercial & residential, energy, and communications markets. Today we continue to expand our product portfolio globally, with new innovations and manufacturing throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.


Global Footprint: With manufacturing warehousing, and sales facilities located in eight countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Japan, we are the supplier best positioned to deliver punctual, seamless global delivery and service.


Collaboration Opportunity: Partnering with Essex Furukawa and our MagForceX® Innovation Centers brings access to one of the world’s leading technical manufacturing teams. From metal rod production all the way through shaping and enameling, Essex Furukawa engineers advise and collaborate with customers at every step to develop the custom magnet wire needed for the high quality machines of tomorrow.

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