Hybrid Vehicles

Regenerative Brakes Traction Motor Lane Assist DSTC Belt Starter Generator Charging Station

Regenerative Brakes

Using the magnet wire-wound motor as a generator, this system converts the kinetic energy lost in deceleration back into stored energy within the battery.

Traction Motor

The DC motor is built with a series of magnet windings that provide high torque at lower speeds to propel a vehicle forward.

Lane Assist

This system actively compiles data through sensors in the mirrors and other sensors of the car and driving a motor inside the steering mechanism, helping the car avoid a collision through corrective actions.


A dual-functioning system is designed to reduce wheels spinning by transferring power from a wheel that has lost traction to the same-axled wheel on the other side. It also prevents drive wheels from spinning during acceleration.

Belt Starter Generator

Magnet wire is wound throughout an electric motor that is designed to replace the alternator by serving as both a generator and a motor. This allows for quick starts of the engine as well as a 36V battery charging option.

Charging Station

The three different types of chargers all work similarly with different voltage options, 120V, 204V, or 208V – as well as fast charge option – that can recharge the lithium-ion or nickel-methal hybrid battery in a vehicle.

As a partner to many of the world’s leading hybrid vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, Essex Furukawa has the technical capability to meet any specification. We want to work with you on your challenges.

We deliver the magnet wire products behind the traction motors, regenerative braking, autonomous driving, and sensors that aid in driving performance and efficiency found inside of the next generation of vehicles along with the traditional creature comforts that go into all vehicles.

Traction Motors and Electric Engines
Anti-lock Braking
Stability Controls

Driving the Future with Disruptive Technologies

Global automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers rely on our complete product line due to the electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability.

Many have partnered with the MagForceX® Innovation Centers to develop their own disruptive technology to take products to the next level.

Let us help solve your application issues. 

Why Choose Essex Furukawa

Vertical Integration: Essex Furukawa is a vertically integrated company which not only delivers greater control of our supply chain, but also allows for greater flexibility in innovation at every phase. A partnership with us affords our customers are better able to manage their product’s efficiency and performance throughout the entire production process with little risk of schedule setbacks.

Rich History in Magnet Wire: Since 1896, we have forged a path by meeting magnet wire and cable requirements for the automotive, industrial, commercial & residential, energy, and communications markets. Today we continue to expand our product portfolio globally, with new innovations and manufacturing throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.

Global Footprint: With manufacturing warehousing, and sales facilities located in eight countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Japan, we are the supplier best positioned to deliver punctual, seamless global delivery and service.

Collaboration Opportunity: Partnering with Essex Furukawa and our MagForceX® Innovation Centers brings access to one of the world’s leading technical manufacturing teams. From metal rod production all the way through shaping and enameling, Essex Furukawa engineers advise and collaborate with customers at every step to develop the custom magnet wire needed for the high quality machines of tomorrow.

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