Zero Waste to Landfill

Currently, Essex Furukawa has completed this initiative at eight facilities and is working towards achieving Zero Waste to Landfill at all facilities globally, and within our downstream management operations. By achieving this status globally we can reduce our environmental impact caused by the disposal of materials and turn waste into a valuable resource through beneficial reuse.


Certified Plants

Essex Furukawa baseline analysis has found eight of 14 plants are now certified as Zero Waste to Landfill.


Diversion at 3 Plants

We are able to verify that our plants in Serbia, Japan, and Bramsche are at 100% Zero Waste to Landfill.


Global Diversion

Between recycling, waste to energy efforts, and wastewater treatment our diversion from landfill is 96.7% globally.


Zero Waste Goal

Our goal is to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill across all of our plants by the end of 2023.

Vision 2030 Sustainability Report

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