UltraShield® Plus

NEMA MW35-C, MW73-C, or MW36-C

UltraShield® Plus magnet wire is specifically designed for use in motors that may be subjected to higher voltage spikes present in inverter duty applications. It has been enhanced for easy identification and differentiation.

The combination of the modified Polyester basecoat and Polyamide-imide topcoat provides an insulation system with outstanding toughness and excellent dielectric properties. UltraShield® Plus magnet wire has improved voltage endurance and thermal properties, compared to standard NEMA MW 35-C magnet wire, while retaining superior chemical resistance to common solvents and refrigerants.

Windability, Electrical and Chemical Features

UltraShield® Plus magnet wire has been extensively wound in various motor applications and has been highly commended for its superior windability performance.

Testing with sinusoidal and with inverter wave shapes shows that UltraShield® Plus magnet wire lasts many times longer than standard NEMA MW 35-C insulation.

UltraShield® Plus magnet wire has been tested for resistance to R-22 refrigerant and the results show it to be compatible for hermetic systems. Successful results are also seen with samples tested for 24 hours at room temperature in a wide variety of other solvents such as petroleum naphtha, toluene, ethanol, 5% sulfuric acid, 1% potassium hydroxide, butyl acetate, and acetone.

UL listed at Class 200 with Thermoplastic Flow of 405°C
Tested for Superior Windability Performance
Solderable After Stripping
Recommended for Alternators and Generators

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