Plastic Pallets Helping to Close the Loop on Circular Economy

September 5, 2023

Essex Furukawa is moving forward with an initiative to replace traditional wooden pallets with eco-friendly plastic alternatives. This transition aligns with our Vision 2030 commitment to environmental responsibility as well as contributes to a global effort of establishing a Circular Economy.

The initiative was launched at the Kameyama, Japan plant in 2022 and it is expected that all wooden pallets will be replaced at the plant by 2026.

“By investing in recycled plastic pallets, we are both reducing our environmental impact and also setting an example based on positive change,” Mikimori Maekawa, President of Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Japan, said.

The plastic alternatives have shown to have a longer lifespan compared to their wooden counterpart, which means fewer replacements and less waste, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain. The plastic pallets also offer increased protection by reducing contamination opportunities and potential damage to Essex Furukawa’s magnet wire products. An added non-slip treatment furthers stability.

More than 1,000 wooden pallets have already been recycled due to the switch. Numerous other global locations have also begun to invest in plastic options at their facilities, further solidifying a commitment to sustainability and the Circular Economy.

The plastic pallets are more lightweight which aids in shipping and are also returnable to the plant for reuse, minimizing waste and promoting a closed-loop system.

“When wooden pallets become distressed, they can create the potential risk for waste,” Toshiki Demoto, Director of Operations & Sr. Technical Advisor, Essex Furukawa Japan, said. “This is a more efficient alternative. One that is better for all stakeholders in our value chain.”

As a leader in the industry, Essex Furukawa continues to prioritize innovation and sustainability. By embracing returnable recycled plastic pallets, a significant step is being made towards a more sustainable future and environmentally conscious supply chain.

Essex Furukawa recently released it is annual Sustainability Report. It is a transparent account of efforts made towards Vision 2030 goals and can be downloaded by clicking here.


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