Essex Furukawa Conducts Safety Demonstrations in Serbia

October 27, 2023

The Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire plant in Zrenjanin, Serbia recently turned up the heat with a comprehensive fire safety demonstration exercise in collaboration with the professional firefighting and rescue unit in the area. It followed that training with a CPR session, co-hosted by the Zrenjanin Red Cross, days later.

Both events were designed to enhance employee preparedness and raise awareness about safety protocols.

The fire exercise was divided into three parts. In the first portion, a controlled fire was set and then extinguished by employees using a state-of-the-art personal protection apparatus. This hands-on experience provided valuable practical knowledge on the effective use of firefighting equipment.

Veljko Radosavljevic, the Senior Health, Safety, and Environment Engineer in Zrenjanin, emphasized the significance of the exercise, stating, “Safety is obviously an important part of any organization; all employees that were on location at the time of the exercises took part in the drills. It was team building but it could also be lifesaving.”

The second part of the exercise simulated a potential accident-fire scenario in the Hazardous Materials Storage area. In the final part of the exercise, the focus shifted to machinery.

Professional firefighters, in coordination with the Essex Furukawa employee fire brigade, demonstrated their expertise by promptly deploying hoses to two locations within the plant. This simulated scenario showcased the seamless collaboration between the two teams in effectively tackling potential incidents.

The initiative with the Red Cross was aimed to equip employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively in case of any incidents or injuries at work.

The exercise was held in two parts, and opened with an informative lecture where employees were introduced to the appropriate procedures to follow in the event of an incident. The presentation also included steps to take to promptly inform supervisors and relevant, additional, departments of an emergency.

During the second part of the exercise, employees actively participated in a hands-on demonstration of emergency aid techniques. They received training on the fundamentals of providing first aid and gained practical experience in utilizing various first aid equipment available on-site. The interactive session enhanced their understanding of emergency response and also empowered them to confidently handle potential workplace accidents.

“These joint efforts helped to provide valuable knowledge and skills to the employees but also strengthened the bond between the company and the local community,” Radosavljevic said. “Our plan is to do this multiple times a year as a way to reinforce preparedness and safety.”

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