Essex Magnet Wire Pioneers High-Performance Product for Traction Motor Applications

May 22, 2019

Fort Wayne, IN (May 22, 2019) – Today, Essex Magnet Wire and its Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center is proud to announce a new, high-temperature rated insulation system for the windings of traction motors utilized in hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, as well as electric vehicles: EnduroTemp® 260+.

EnduroTemp® 260+ is a thin, film insulation that will extend the life of traction motors in critical transportation applications and has been specifically designed to withstand higher operating temperatures with an industry best 265℃ thermal endurance. The product will also provide protection to the motor against deterioration created by the modern power electronics controlling the motor.

Matthew Leach, Vice President of Innovation and Head of the Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center, said that the product is the latest in the line of development for the EV market.

“EnduroTemp® 260+ is the very type of disruptive technology that we are looking to develop to help the magnet wire industry continue to evolve,” he said. “Being able to increase the temperature threshold without sacrificing performance – in fact, helping to increase it – is something that is very exciting for our team.”

Technological advancements being made to increase the efficiency of electric driven vehicles as well as elevated performance requirements of the traction motors and generators is making deterioration exponentially more severe. Designers have been forced to utilize power electronic speed control with higher voltages and faster switching frequencies to drive the motors which puts severe stress on the windings of a motor. Where EnduroTemp® 260+ thrives is where typical winding insulation utilized for standard motors will fail under similar conditions in only a few hours.

Essex Magnet Wire has long been a pioneer of inverter duty winding or magnet wire. The company has over a quarter century of nano-technology experience and it can provide industry leading performance in high voltage industrial motors.

The Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center has a dedicated team of Scientists and Engineers exploring technologies impacting magnet wire that are available to engage with outside corporations to impact the future. We are testing and innovating thermosets, thermoplastics, and additives as well as focusing on conductor processing and fabrication processes.

The knowledge accumulated has been utilized to develop this new magnet wire designed to resist the effects of modern power electronics for electric vehicles.

About Essex Magnet Wire

Essex Magnet Wire is the leading, global provider of magnet wire that is used by most major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and industry leaders in the automotive, energy, commercial & residential and industrial sectors. Essex Magnet Wire has facilities in 11 countries, on three continents, and operates its business to act globally but serve locally. Having 90 years of experience allows Essex Magnet Wire to deliver innovation that customers demand while being vertically integrated in the manufacturing process to ensure quality and provide seamless delivery services from distribution centers around the world. The Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center is furthering technological advancements in magnet wire through research and development that will provide custom solutions to costumer challenges into the future. For more information, visit,

About Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center

The Essex MagForceX® Innovation Center services are available to help answer the demands of corporations for disruptive technology solutions through analysis, design, research and development. Our team of experts are testing to find answers to the next generation of technical issues. The collective of PhD, MS, and BS Engineers and Scientists are using a collaborative approach to transform ideas into realities by following the mission of providing innovation with a purpose to satisfy the current and future needs of our customers. MagForceX® is tasked with developing innovative new products and technology to drive the future through strategic partnerships with our customers. Its focus is set on three main areas of concentration: motor design and engineering technology specific to HV/EV applications, equipment development and design to the industrial marketplace, as well as disruptive technology to evolve the capability of magnet wire and its insulation systems.

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