Global Leadership,
Local Partnerships

Custom Magnet Wire Solutions,
Designed for Your Specific Needs.

Having nearly a century of expertise, we provide various markets with products and services needed to flourish, and in turn, help our partners thrive.


Years Experience

Essex Furukawa has been the leading global supplier of magnet wire since 1896.


Global Facilities

We are able to manufacture and deliver magnet wire, when and where you need it.



Our dedicated team ensures sales, product application, technical, and R&D support.


Production Capacity

We have increased output of copper and aluminum, ensuring market stability.

Our Mission

Essex Furukawa strives to push the boundaries of what is possible by creating wire solutions that enable our customers’ innovations and exceed expectations.


At Essex Furukawa, we hold ourselves to a high set of standards. We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative, reliable, and prompt solutions to our customers. Our high standards for conducting business — in the best and most professional way — is one of the reasons we are proud members of multiple professional organizations.

These associations have standards that align with ours and strive to drive forward the future. Essex Furukawa educates its staff on best practices and modernizations across multiple industries to provide the best support to our customers. We believe that our participation and support of these organizations helps make our offerings better and aids in the facilitation of mutually beneficial relationships around the globe.


Let us help you achieve your goals.

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