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CDP Score Report Climate Change 2022

The CDP Score Report is a comprehensive review of holistic ESG efforts. It considers numerous categories such as reduction initiatives, GHG emissions, and future targets, among other metrics. It is designed to be a benchmarking mechanism for internal guidance as well as a comparative analysis between peer companies, allowing more informed supply chain decisions to be made.

Quality Management System (QMS) Certification

IATF 16949 : 2016
Magnet Wire Plant
Kameyama, Japan

Magnet Wire Headquarters Japan
Tokyo, Japan

MagForceX® Innovation Center
Hiratsuka, Japan

Magnet Wire Central & Western Japan Sales
Nagoya, Japan

Science Based Targets Certificate

The Science Based Targets initiative has validated that the corporate greenhouse gas emissions reduction target(s) submitted by Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire have been deemed to be in conformance with the SBTi Criteria and recommendations (version4.2).

Pollution Mitigation Hierarchy

Essex Furukawa established the following prioritized protocol in an effort to address potential impact of pollutants from our manufacturing processes and avoid biodiversity loss.

Waste Mitigation Hierarchy

Essex Furukawa is committed to holistic sustainability and understands the responsibility to consider the potential impact our manufacturing processes may have on the environment.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification

OBMW2 E339329
Magnet Wire Component
Tokyo, Japan

Substance Restriction Compliance

Magnet Wire Plant
Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Supplier Code of Conduct (English)

We expect our suppliers to share the same commitment to conducting business with the highest ethical and legal standards, respecting the rights of all individuals and the environment.

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