New Line of Electric Powertrain Systems for Off-highway Developed

July 9, 2019

The race to electrification spans nearly every type of commercial vehicle, including off-highway. Recognizing this, and armed with 100 years of technology and manufacturing experience, AxleTech launched its new AFE Series e-axle, a line of electric powertrain systems for off-highway and specialty applications, at bauma in Munich. The AFE Series electric e-axle features a new modular eCarrier system and integrates interchangeable water/glycol cooled motors and a single-speed, 2-speed or 4-speed gearbox into a system that fits existing vehicle configurations and displaces the traditional powertrain.

“The commercial vehicle industry is becoming electric faster than any other, and AxleTech is proud to lead the electrification of powertrains with this off-highway and specialty vehicle series solution,” said Bill Gryzenia, CEO, AxleTech. “The AFE Series e-axle is designed to withstand the heavy loads, extreme demands, and potential rough terrains that vehicles such as rail car movers, lift trucks, and dump trucks encounter. This is the first of several electric powertrain solutions we are launching for the commercial vehicle industry.”

The AxleTech AFE e-axle system is compatible with full battery electric vehicles, fuel cell range extender electric vehicles, internal combustion engines or turbine generator range extenders. It has motor continuous power of 268 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and peak motor power of 389 horsepower (290 kilowatts). The AFE e-axles also are engineered to handle 100 percent regenerative braking.

The system’s high torque with manageable power is aided by AxleTech’s new modular eCarrier system, which provides high efficiency by using the electric motors at their optimal operating level. The new eCarrier system replaces the existing conventional carrier on many AxleTech axle models, including the 120, 145, 160, and 180 Series as well as traditional, industry-standard carriers. The AFE e-axles are designed to fit existing vehicle configurations for easy installation and are retrofittable on all makes and models of axles.

At the ACT Expo April 23-26 in Long Beach, California, AxleTech plans to introduce additional electric vehicle product breakthroughs including one of the most efficient electric powertrains for Class 6 through 8 trucks, as well as the most compact and powerful electric powertrain system for low-floor bus applications. To learn more about AxleTech’s electric vehicle solutions, visit

This was a Press Release from AxleTech. Visit its website, here.

About AxleTech

AxleTech is a leading technology company that engineers, designs, manufactures, sells and services powertrain solutions for on- and off-highway heavy-duty commercial vehicles. With industrial roots established in 1919, the company’s nearly 800 worldwide employees drive the company to develop advanced powertrain systems, axles, brakes, components and aftermarket parts for global customers. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, the company has locations in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Chicago; Saint-Étienne, France; Osasco, Brazil; Pune, India; and Shanghai. For more information about AxleTech, please visit

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