Living Vehicle 2020 Model Announced

September 15, 2019

The Luxury Travel Trailer of the Future Is Already Here.

California based luxury travel trailer company Living Vehicle [LV] has announced their brand new 2020 model starting at $199,995. The 2020 LV is a complete redesign of the previous model that sold out in early 2019. With only 25 units to be produced, five have already been spoken for in a private release.

The company’s mission is to produce a completely net zero, all-electric travel trailer. Living Vehicle is the luxuriously sustainable answer to the widespread demand for better quality, more advanced capability and modern design. Designed by award winning LEED accredited architect and mobile space expert Matthew Hofmann, LV challenges everything you thought you knew about travel trailers. The new model boasts unprecedented capabilities and is engineered to be the highest-end luxury trailer available.

Air conditioning designed to run completely off-grid and powered by a 58-volt nickel-manganese-cobalt lithium battery system
Automotive grade energy system can power LV perpetually off-grid featuring up to 24 kWh lithium batteries and 3,000 watts of solar.

The exclusively designed conditioned basement allows Living Vehicle to thrive in all 4 seasons with an extensive range from 0 to 110 degrees.

No wood products are used in the construction of the structure. The chassis, frame, interior and exterior skin, subfloor and all cabinets are fashioned from 100% aluminum

Built to be off-road capable with a 16-inch ground clearance, high departure angle, and over-engineered structural chassis and frame

Luxury amenities designed to please the most discerning of travelers, including a chef-inspired kitchen, spa bathroom, and private home theater

Founded in 2017, Living Vehicle designs high-end luxury travel trailers for extended and full-time off-grid use. Husband and wife founders, Matthew and Joanna Hofmann have been designing and living in mobile spaces for the last decade. They are now focused on one goal — to challenge the status quo and transcend industry standards with what’s possible. LV has partnered with the most advanced and innovative products from the military, disaster relief and marine sectors and now have several patents pending.

“I have a vision that this vehicle can fully sustain life and be fully self-sufficient. That one day we can all travel around not bound by any one site, in a very freedom-driven life, where we get to choose where we want to live without a resource drain on our world. Our goal is zero energy in, zero waste out,” said, Matthew Hofmann, CEO.

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