Essex Furukawa Releases Online Magnet Wire Calculator

November 19, 2020

Essex Furukawa has created an online resource for engineers and designers that puts the data in one place to determine the best construction options available for the application regarding bare wire, single build, and heavy build.

The Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Calculator can be found here and provides all users the diameter of a bare wire, its area in circular mils as well as OHMS/1000ft at 20℃. It also includes feet/lb. and increase in film information for single and heavy builds.

Simply put, the size, film build, and other material properties can be found in one location allowing for the most educated decision-making process.

“We were looking for a way to make it easier for our customers to use our products,” Steven Miller, a Principal Engineer for Essex Furukawa said. “By creating this resource, we believe that we are better able to service designers and engineers without them being forced to call a rep or look things up manually.”

“This is not reinventing the wheel, but it is a great engineering resource that helps solve a need which had been asked of us as an organization.”

The Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Calculator is currently in its first iteration, using only round copper AWG sizes. The future modifications will include metric sizes to service global customers as well as square and rectangular sizing to go along with aluminum product line information.

“This is a living, breathing tool that will continue to evolve as we continue our innovation,” Miller said. “With the rapid developments being made at our MagForceX® Innovation Centers it became unrealistic to revise and reproduce print products and this online tool was a perfect solution.”

Use the Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Calculator.

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