Essex Furukawa Recognizes Perfect Attendance At Torreón Plant

April 12, 2023

Reliable. Consistent. Strong. Three adjectives that are often used by Essex Furukawa to describe its magnet wire.

All equally apply to those that proudly make it.

To open April, the leadership team at the plant in Torreón, Mexico celebrated with a group of 47 employees to recognize perfect attendance in 2022. The celebratory breakfast concluded with managers thanking the group for their effort, commitment, and loyalty. Likewise, the congratulations were extended to their families, who are also part of the achievement.


Horacio Barron was congratulated for 15 years of perfect attendance. Josue Eugenio Saavedra achieved 11 years, as well. Those two both acknowledged that their family has motivated—and supported—them.

“It is part of my core values to be responsible in my work,” Barron said. “My commitment is with my family and with the company. My wife has been so supportive, and we are a great team. We share in the responsibility.”

Saavedra said that his core values come into play as well.

“My parents instilled in me to be responsible in everything I do,” he said. “I have kept those values with me. I have family that depends on me and sometimes I do make sacrifices, but my commitment is to my work because my family comes first.”

Both said that leadership at the plant works with everyone to make sure vacations are taken and there is a mutual respect for work-life balance. Perhaps more impressive than the streak of health is that it also includes promptness. Both Barron and Saavedra are on-time, daily.

As are the rest of the team that achieved the milestone in 2022.

Francisco Hernández is closing in on double-digit years of perfect attendance with eight consecutive; Armando Orona ended the last year with his seventh straight; both José Ibarra as well as Jesús Cisneros concluded a sixth consecutive year, and Juan Carlos Salazar joined the group of five-years-or-more with his fifth.

11 team members in the plant celebrated their second year of perfect attendance while 29 others earned their first in 2022.

Human Resources Manager Ernesto Woessner said that nearly a quarter of the employees at the plant had perfect attendance in 2022. Adding that this is something both leadership and employees take pride in.

“We know that we are only as successful as we make ourselves,” Woessner said. “We make sure that our employees know that we appreciate them. And, I believe, they show us that they appreciate us as well.

“We have a lot of great people here—and not just those with perfect attendance—we have great people all over the plant.”

The Torreón plant is a flagship location for Essex Furukawa, built in 2000 as a greenfield site in Mexico. The team here produces 50,000 metric tons of round copper and aluminum magnet wire annually.


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