Essex Furukawa Receives TISAX Certification at German Plants

January 23, 2023

ATLANTA, GA – Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire plants in Germany have been awarded a Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) certification. TISAX is a European automotive industry-standard information security assessment (ISA) catalog that is based on key aspects of information security such as data protection and connection to third parties.

In obtaining the TISAX certificate, Essex Furukawa plants in Bad Arolsen and Bramsche earned recognition as a reliable partner in the automotive industry with regards to information security.

Sasa Marjanovic is the IT Director for the business in Europe. He said that protecting data sources is paramount in the market and vital in maintaining relationships with customers.

“Information is a critical resource, and we pursue a zero-tolerance policy regarding information security,” Marjanovic said. “As a uniform standard within the automotive industry, the TISAX certificate proves we take care of information security properly, which ranks us as a reliable partner both as a supplier and customer.

“In the end, our assets, business information, and expertise are protected against unauthorized access, as well as clients’ and suppliers’ information.”

Essex Furukawa has committed to a goal of Agile Digitization through its Vision 2030 initiative. As such, the digitized processes require third-party verifications to confirm compliance with defined information security standards. TISAX certification indicates that sensitive information and data are secured in accordance with a strict security criteria.

Essex Furukawa is among the first European magnet wire manufacturers to receive the TISAX certification. Marjanovic believes that it signals the serious manner that the IT team takes security.

He also believes that it exemplifies a leadership mentality within the marketplace and showcases the buy-in from employees to supporting customers and the commitment to Agile Digitization.

“Improving Information security is a continual process,” he said. “We are constantly working to improve our protection efforts as well as build trust in supply chain transparency.

“I have to credit the entire IT team, which continues working diligently to improve information security in the company.”

Marjanovic estimates that it took nearly eight months to obtain the certification. He said that technical improvements and additional employee training—included editing and supplementing the existing documentation—aided in the TISAX process. The timeline for completion includes processing the TISAX assessment, which varies due to the availability of auditors.

The TISAX was established nearly five years ago and has become a standard in the European market. The ISA in contains many similar verifications as the international norm ISO/IEC 27001. The aim of the certification is to establish a uniform level of information security within the automobile industry.

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