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Supplier Code of Conduct (German)

We expect our suppliers to share the same commitment to conducting business with the highest ethical and legal standards, respecting the rights of all individuals and the environment.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions – Germany (German)

This document provides details of the terms and conditions governing the procurement of goods and/or services for our German operations.

Terms and Conditions of Sale – Germany (German)

Details the terms and conditions governing the sale of our products and services. This includes magnet/winding wire, related products and services for our German operations.

Integrated Management Handbook – Germany (German)

The area of ​​application of our integrated management system described in this manual refers to the two German locations of Essex Germany GmbH in Bad Arolsen and Bramsche. This includes all organizational and functional units required to fulfill our business transactions are necessary.

Corporate Policy – Germany (German)

The primary goal of our company is economic success, which we must ensure in the interests of our customers and our employees in a sustainable and long-term manner. The basis for this is the quality of our products and processes, the satisfaction of our customers and constant market analysis.

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