High-Heat Resistant Enameled Round Wire

Essex Furukawa High-Heat Resistant Enameled Round wire is an electrical wire made with copper covered wire with an enamel film.

In addition to usage in industrial and electrical appliance motors, these are used in a wide range of applications such as automobile electrical component motors, transformers and coils, etc. Essex Furukawa enables the miniaturization, higher space factors, and greater efficiency of coils with global top class technological capabilities.

Why Use High-Heat Resistant Enameled Round Wire to Meet Your Needs?

AIHPW is similar to the MW35C, UL ANSI wire, that is rated for 200°C. It is an enamel wire using polyester with excellent heat resistance. The High Strength AIHPW is also rated for 200°C but uses a high strength type polyamide-imide for upper layer support which makes it resistant to crushing or abrasion of the film. It has a unirectional wear of >22N, which betters the standard AIHPW measurement of > 18N.

HPWR II is an enamel wire with excellent refrigerant resistance and is in a similar line as UL ANSI MW 73C. It uses a polyester with excellent refrigerant properties for lower layer stability and strength.

AIW enamel wire using polyamide-imide provides an even higher level of heat resistance, being rated at 220°C.  It is most closely compared to UL ANSI MW 81C rated products.

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Can High-Heat Resistant Enameled Round Wire Help You?

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